With this email I’m announcing that Columbine Home is for sale. 
I’ve spent the past 32 years establishing and nurturing my business and am happy to announce that we just completed our best year in 2021. 
The store is more profitable than ever with the potential for substantially increased revenue. It has a vast and loyal customer base, has established systems in place for maximum efficiency and is now in a position to be taken over by a new, enterprising and creative entrepreneur. 
I’ve been considering selling it for a few years; this isn't a sudden decision. I’m excited for the future of the business under new stewards with fresh energy and vision, who can carry the business well beyond what I’ve created. 
In 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, Columbine was not yet online in a meaningful way. We used this time to launch columbinehome.com. With this move we expanded our audience, making it possible for the entire country to experience Columbine Home, many for the first time. It’s been a joy to see orders come from as far away as Massachusetts, South Carolina, Georgia, and Hawaii. With little effort and zero marketing, Columbine Home online significantly increased our business solely fueled by our current customer base.
We’ve fostered and grown a vibrant marketing and events program including trunk shows with California jewelry designers, fundraisers with local schools and animal shelters, wholesale sample sale events with local reps, and expanded store hours complete with individual shopping hours throughout the holiday season. We’ve launched Columbine Style, our version of a design service allowing customers to use and find new purpose for those things every house already has. 
We’ve successfully weathered wildfires, a pandemic, riots, closures, supply chain issues and have come out of all of that more nimble, allowing us to be successful in what for most retailers is a challenging market. 
We’ve been blessed with a knowledgeable, dedicated staff, many of whom have been with us for many years, all having an instrumental hand in Columbine’s ongoing growth. 
You, our loyal customers, have been a major part of Columbine’s success. Your regular visits to see what’s new has kept us always changing and aspiring to keep things fresh. Many of you have become store friends, sharing news of new homes, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and countless birthdays. We’ve had the privilege of watching your lives unfold which has been a complete pleasure that I feel lucky to have experienced. 
It’s my hope to find new owners who will respect what we’ve built and carry on these valuable relationships; inevitably in their own way. If you or someone you know might be interested in buying Columbine Home, please review Price & Assets to learn more and go to Buyers Guide to submit an inquiry.
If you’d like to respond to this news you can write to me at michelle@columbinehome.com. ​​​​​​​

With best regards, 
Michelle Sandler 
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