The price and other financial information will be made available to those who, in our estimation, qualify as potential buyers based on their responses to the questions posed in the Buyer’s Guide. A signed non-disclosure agreement will be required when price and other financial information are shared. The price includes the tangible and intangible assets described below. 
Inventory of approximately $350,000 at cost to be sold separately.​​​​​​​

Colliers, as represented by manager Monty Stephens, has been a friendly, helpful, responsible and responsive landlord. Our current lease runs through September 2022 with an option to renew for five years. It’s not transferable without the landlord’s written permission and review of new owners’ financials and experience. 

Point of Sale and Inventory System 
We use LightspeedHQ - a computerized point-of-sale and inventory management system to track our inventory and to conduct transactions. The software is updated regularly and the program offers a myriad of reports enabling us to track customer sales, wholesale purchase orders and inventory tracking sales history, just to name a few. It’s installed on both of our iPad registers and all backroom computers. 

We run our website off of Shopify. They provide us with a seamless migration of product from Lightspeed to Shopify with the use of Accumula, enabling us to manage product information in Lightspeed and easily publish complete product information to Shopify, having inventory sync in real-time. 

All fixtures are included in the price. We completed a remodel of our space when we renewed the lease in 2017 complete with an interior and exterior paint job, a rebranding of our logo, new awnings, new exterior signage, new stain and marble on our cash wrap, new sconces and statement mirror, and new gift wrap. 

Computer and Office Equipment 
All computers, POS system, copy machines, and scanners are included in the price. Our fleet of 5 iPads, 3 Apple laptops,1 Apple Desktop, 2 Scan Snaps, and 3 copy machines are maintained and updated regularly by Mark Paul Cordeiro (based in Petaluma) and are equipped with multiple layers of protective security. 

Website, Email List and Social Media 
Our three thousand plus email list via MailChimp, with an average open rate of 30%-50%, is our primary source of communication with our customers. Every email links to our website with one click, broadening the virtual experience that is Columbine Home. We also post regularly to Facebook and Instagram with news about forthcoming events, sales, and new product launches. We send out an average of three emails a week keeping customers engaged in all things Columbine. 

Reputation and Relationships
We meet several times a year with key manufacturers and sales representatives at nationwide gift shows where we review upcoming seasons and place orders. We have long term and excellent relationships with all of our sales reps and partners and any would gladly discuss our reputation with any potential owner. We have and have always had excellent credit with all of our vendors and are current with all of them. 

We employ 7 staff, of which 2 work full time and 5 work part time. Tasks include sales and customer service, fulfilling web orders, placing special orders, receiving all orders, sales floor displays, PO creation, website migration and item creation, photography of product, overall website upkeep, a marketing calendar and marketing email creation. We are currently open 55 hours per week. 

Columbine Home has considerable intangible assets, a longtime reputation in the lifestyle industry as highly curated, great customer service and 32 years of high standards in our community creating a loyal customer base. 

For many years we’ve hosted local sales reps for a two day wholesale sample sale. We have jewelry trunk shows with our California designers enabling customers to see a breadth of creation. We do periodic fund raisers with local schools and animal shelters. 

Local Economy 
Columbine Home is an anchor establishment in Corte Madera Town Center along with an array of great restaurants and other retail establishments. It has the reputation with customers as the go-to place for gift giving. 

Opportunities for Growth 
Columbine Home offers a new owner a solid foundation from which to grow. From 2015 - 2021 our sales increased steadily, with only a decrease in 2020 due to the Covid interruption.
Columbine Style, our newest venture of in-home design work was launched in 2019 and shows great promise for continued growth. Our website is relatively new with plenty of room to grow and our online jewelry sales have proven to be the single most purchased online category and shows significant promise. 
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